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22 - 28 April 2013


About Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week 

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Events in Orchid Male Cancer Information Week 2013:


The fifth annual Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week takes place from the 22-28 April 2013 and the focus of the Week is testicular cancer, a disease which now affects over 2,300 men every year in the UK. 

“Your Privates” Campaign

To mark the Week we have launched our new campaign “Your Privates” which encourages young men to undertake regular, life-saving ‘ball checks’ and to be better informed about testicular cancer. As part of the campaign we have launched an exciting interactive microsite www.yourprivates.org.uk which has been designed by young men, incorporating personal experiences from survivors and interviews with experts, plus gives users the opportunity to chat to the Orchid Male Cancer Information Nurses.  There is clear, accessible information about the signs and symptoms of the disease, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. Issues such as body image, sexuality and emotional well being have been addressed.


A survey into the preferred sources of support and information for young people concerned about the disease has been commissioned through OnePoll. Initial results from the 1,000 teenagers interviewed highlight:

 ·         75% of boys do not know the age at which men are most at risk from testicular cancer.

 ·         33% of boys do not know how to check themselves for the signs of testicular cancer.

·           25% of 16 year olds do not know how often they should check for signs of testicular                cancer.

 ·         86% of boys recognised a lump could be a sign of testicular cancer.

·         Parents play quite a large part in the findings –over 58% of teenage boys would listen to parents for health advice. Over 70% would never talk to friends about health issues.



 The “Your Privates” campaign has already attracted considerable media interest. See the campaign featured on ITV Meridian:



Reception at CITY GOLF

The microsite and survey results will be launched at CITY GOLF, London. The event will bring together parents, young people, health and social care professionals, teachers, and journalists. It will also provide an opportunity to showcase the achievements of the Community Golf Programme highlighting how sport can be used to deliver important cancer messages.


Virgin London Marathon

Fundraising events for the Week include the 2013 Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 21 April. We have 39 runners, our highest ever number.


Orchid 5K Orchid Blue River Run

The Orchid 5K Orchid Blue River Run will take place on Wednesday 24 April from 6-8pm. Over 130 people are expected to take part on the day.


The London to Hastings Cycle

On Sunday 28 April our new cycling event for the 2013 - The London to Hastings Cycle – takes place.


Information and Awareness Days

The  Awareness Week has attracted support and interest from companies, schools, universities, health and social care professionals, individuals and other charities. Information and Awareness Days are being held across the UK.


Nursing in Practice

We are running a series of Awareness Week adverts over the next 4 weeks in the “Nursing in Practice” email bulletin. The bulletin goes to over 20,500 nurses every Thursday.





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