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                           Testicular Self Examination (TSE)


A massive 98% of testicular cancer cases can be treated if caught early enough.  So come on boys 'check yourself out'!


TSE is the easiest way to identify any potential testicular problems. It only takes a few minutes to perform and gives you a  good excuse for feeling your balls (like you need one!). Its best performed monthly after you have had a bath or shower when your scrotum will be warm, relaxed and pleasant to touch.


  • Check each testicle seperately using one or both of your hands (Figure 1).
  • Roll each testicle between the thumb and forefinger to check that the surface is free of lumps or bumps. Do not squeeze!
  • Get to know your balls; their size, texture, anatomy, magnificence.  Identify the epididymis or sperm collecting tube, often mistaken for an abnormal lump that runs behind each testicle (Figure 2).
  • Encourage your partner to have a go as he or she may be more likely to identify a problem in the future and get you to do something about it.



Fig 1. The entire surface of both testes is felt carefully


Fig 2. Be aware of the epididymis, the long narrow tube, behind each testicle that matures and stores sperm

 Click here to view testicular self examination process as a pdf


 To watch a video clip from  showing how to perform TSE please click below. (Some nudity in a medical context).


  • Perform testicular self-examination on a regular basis. At least monthly. Get to know your balls. Involve your partner to make it more enjoyable. Tell your mates to do the same but probably not with your partner. 
  • If you find an unusual lump in your testis get it checked by your GP. The likelihood will be that it will not be testicular cancer but testicular cancer still needs to be ruled out. Do not delay as in rare circumstances some types of testicular cancer can progress quickly. 
  • If you spend hours on your games console or computer, take a regular break and try to get some fresh air and exercise. Lazing around on your balls all day will not do them any favours. Get up and do something. Keep those precious things healthy! 





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